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iPad for creative people - part 1

Hi! My name is Vadim and I am a designer/CG artist/retoucher. I thought I would share my ideas on how Apple iPad could be used for creative people. I am sucker for both useful and eye pleasing apps, so I will tell you about apps that I use (they cons and pros), and some that I haven’t but I believe that could be useful to someone.

So lets start…


Ok. Of course you could use iPad pre-installed Photos application, organised you photos and videos in iTunes and store them in Photos apps, but you will soon realised that it lack some basic control ( for example on if you receive some photos/videos by mail or download it from somewhere and Would like to use it in you highly organised albums structure you will realises that its impossible to store photos/video anywhere exempt Saved Photos album without using iTunes and computer and so on and so on)

So I recommend to take it to the next level and use beautiful, simplistic and cool apps called

  1. Minimal Folio ($2.99)

Minimal Folio is a simple way to present images and video on your iPad. The app is unbranded so your folio can do the talking&

This app not only beautiful looking but also very functional. It lets create you goob portfolio presentation, reads photos/videos, pdf and could save photos strait form inside many apps include iPad mail and so on.

Simple operations:

  • Add images, pdf and video
  • Smart import organises items into columns based on filename
  • Rearrange however you like
  • Group related images and video into columns
  • Swipe up or down to move between items
  • Swipe left or right to move between columns
  • Supports jpeg, png, tiff, gif, bmp
  • Supports iPad-ready video
  • Supports iPad-ready pdf
  • Import images from Photo Albums on your iPad
  • Transfer multiple files via iTunes on your desktop
  •  Appears in the ‘Open in…’ menu, allowing you to open supported items from other iPad applications

The only things I do not like about it it’s the fact it a bit difficult to navigate in horizontal way sometimes I hope developer will fix it. Also that video have no rewind/forward function as well as pause. No pinch and zoom

But laned features from upcoming version is very promising 

  •  iOS 4.2 compatibility
  •  Dropbox support
  •  External display support
  •  Remote control via iPhone
  •  Pinch and zoom


2. Collections for iPad ($1.99)

Collections allows you to organize and view your photos like a magazine. You can flip your albums. You can also choose your favorite layouts to show off your photos. You can now import all photos from Dropbox and export beautiful collections to Dropbox for sharing as well. Moreover, you can export your album to PDF for sharing and play slideshow with background music.


★ Organize
- Import all photos from Dropbox.
- Choose from 25 templates for different combination of frames, e.g. 2 columns, 3 rows, grid, etc.
- Add password to protect your album.
- Insert any number of pages for each album.
- Add photos from your photo library.
★ Presentation
- Change background image/color of home and album page.
- Adjust photos, auto-fit photos, or maintain aspect ratio of photos.
- Resize frames by dragging the space between them.
- Change layout of existing pages.
- Swap position of photos among frames by drag-n-drop.
- Apply different border styles to frames.
- Choose different font style and font size of text within frames.
★ Sharing
- Export your album to Dropbox for sharing.
- Export your album to PDF and send it to your friends through email.
- Save your album to your photo library.

I never used this app but it seems nice and you could customised it for you liking so it will look actually proper then “out of the box” :)


3. FolioBook ($7.99)

The customisable portfolio for the iPad for all image professionals. Developed with professional photographers in mind, its also a smart way to present other kinds of graphics, artworks and designs.

The iPad is a great way to present photographic work and Foliobook offers a way for photographers to add a smarter look to their iPad portfolio.

There is also another fine looking app. Also never used by me (because of a bit high price for me :) But anyway check it out.


4. UNPRINTED ($2.99)

UNPRINTED gives you an easy-to-update, stylish solution for presenting your best work anytime, anywhere.

Your portfolio is not a static document. It’s a living, breathing, fluid representation of you and your work. At any given moment, it’s a reflection of the best you’ve got to offer. And that can change with the next photo you shoot, website you design, or ad you create.

So why kill another tree just to reprint your portfolio every time you update it?

Yet another promising app to check out.


5. Adobe Digital Content Preview Tool (Free)

Preview and test interactive, richly designed digital publications created using the Digital Magazine Solution from Adobe. After designing publication layouts using Adobe InDesign® and packaging them with the Digital Content Bundler, publishers can load .issue files into this Digital Content Preview tool to verify that content, metadata and interactivity display as intended on iPad.

Ok it a bit of long shot but I believe it worth it. Adobe preview is just a shell app to see you .issue files which by the way could be created only on computer using several Adobe application include InDesign with additional plugins.

Sure you think WTF is just for a publishers or magazines, but think it like this, you may create a staining portfolio presentation with text, graphics, photos and video as well as music and it’s could be interactive not just plain page flipping :). For now you could only see that other more fortunate of us, could do with the tools (and it in a magazine style only) - wired could be most impressive example of technology implementing. 


There are many others portfolio apps on iTunes, but I really hate the interface and functionality :)


So I will continue my review next week with Creativity selection …..

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